About me

My name is Benigno Uría. I've been a research scientist at Google Deepmind since 2015. Before that I did my PhD at University of Edinburgh, where I had the privilege of being advised by Iain Murray and Steve Renals, and the honour of being mentored by John Bridle (Apple).

My research interest lies in the artificial intelligence field, more especifically in machine learning. During my PhD I studied the use of artificial neural networks for modelling the probabilistic relationship between large sets of variables. My work extended the NADE (neural autoregressive distribution estimator) model to real-valued data, and later leveraged the use of deep learning for improving its statistical performance.

The practical side of my PhD dealt with speech processing: speech recognition, synthesis and articulatory inversion. Some of which was used in popular portable devices.

More recently, after joining DeepMind, my research has focused on accelerating reinforcement learning by combining non-parametric techniques with deep neural networks.

The main goal of this website is to host updated versions of my research, projects, and CV. If you are not looking for any of those, I would recommend visiting the links section.