Benigno Uría Martínez
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Research at private institutions

  1. 2015-Present

    Research Scientist at Google DeepMind.

  2. 2014-2015

    Yearly stay as intern at Apple Siri UK.

  3. 2011-2014

    Yearly stay as intern at Novauris.


  1. 2015 Phd in Machine Learning

    University of Edinburgh

    Connectionist multivariate density-estimation and its application to speech synthesis.

  2. 2011 MSc. in Artificial Intelligence - Learning from Data With distinction

    University of Edinburgh

    Final dissertation:

    A deep belief network for the acoustic-articulatory inversion mapping problem

  3. 2008 Advanced Computer Engineering (Ingeniería Superior - Equivalent to MSc) Ranked first

    University of Oviedo

    Final dissertation:

    A genetic programming algorithm for the discovery of investment rules for financial markets

  4. 2002 Degree in Computer Systems Engineering Ranked first

    University of Oviedo

    Final dissertation:

    A genetic algorithm to reduce open shop scheduling problems to job shop scheduling problems

Academic awards

  1. Outstanding Performance in MSc Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Prize 2011

  2. Computer Engineering Graduation Award 2008

    Awarded to the graduate with the highest GPA in the class of 2008.

  3. Computer Systems Engineering Diploma Graduation Award 2002

    Awarded to the graduate with the highest GPA in the class of 2002.

Other professional experience

  1. 2010-2011

    Web Application Deleveloper at Rocksteady Studios (Warner Bros.).
    JRuby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, Tomcat, Apache.

  2. 2008-2009

    Systems Administrator for the Spanish Embassy Commercial Office in London.
    Windows 2003 and Microsoft Exchange administration.

  3. 2005-2006

    Development and administration of
    Ruby on Rails, Javascript, AJAX, Linux, MySQL.

  4. 2004-2005

    Arcelor. Information Systems Department.
    Intranet development: Java servlets, Documentum API, DQL, SQL.
    Intranet administration: Apache, WebSphere, Documentum, SQL Server.

  5. 2003-2004

    Research intern for the Artificial Intelligence Centre of the University of Oviedo.


Advanced level.
CAE (Cambridge Advanced Examination) - Grade A
Native speaker.


Programming languages
Python, Ruby, Lisp, C, C++, Java, Lua.
Data analysis - scientific computing
TensorFlow, Theano, Matlab, R.
SQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle.
Systems administration
Linux, Windows.
Web technologies
HTTP, HTML, XHTML, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery, Prototype, Ruby on Rails, Servlets, Tomcat, Apache.
Cloud computing
Amazon EC2.

Additional information

  • Born in Spain in 1980.